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Kristina Timofeeva


Kristina Timofeeva is the founder of Prive PMU Academie studio, a member of the International League of Masters, a participant of annual congresses and conferences all over the world and the author of her own techniques of permanent make-up application. She is also the absolute champion of Ukraine BROW PRO'16 and the winner of the international championship PMU'17 Israel. Her team emphasises on excellent service and long-term effectiveness of procedures.

dnepr • since 2015


A modern solution for those who value their time, want to be beautiful always and everywhere, and yet remain confident in their makeup, even in the most active moments of life.

Permanent makeup is a base that emphasizes your natural beauty and naturalness. We at Prive PMU Studio help you achieve an expressive look, naturally thick brows, luscious lips, bright eyes and all the femininity, beauty and confidence you need.

A procedure at Prive PMU is just 1.5 hours of your time, including a consultation, shaping your future look and the procedure itself. Our experts are on hand to answer your questions and provide a free consultation. It is important to emphasise that we adhere to the highest safety standards, using only disposable materials. After the procedure is completed, you will also receive running grooming products as a gift.

The studio works weekends to provide you with convenient recording options.

dnepr • since 2015


Cost of permanent make-up

Permanent make-up from 2000 UAH
Removal of poor quality tattooing from 800 UAH
Eyebrow modelling and colouring 450 UAH
Lamination from 650 UAH

dnepr • since 2015


Our academy provides training in Dnipro, Kiev and Prague. We offer basic courses in permanent make-up, advanced training programmes and training in specific areas of permanent make-up.

Our courses are taught by experienced professionals, guaranteeing you not only theoretical training but also practical skills. Join the Prive PMU Academy and expand your professional background in the art of permanent makeup.

Our courses

Course length: 1 day
Workout: 2 models
Two models to practice
Cost: 500€
Course length: 5 days Passages of all three zones, eyebrows, lips, interlash line
Workout: 6 model Two models for each zone
Bonus from our school!
You get worked up photos for your portfolio
Course length: 2 days
Workout: 2 models
Two models for self-training
Стоимость:: 1200€

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Kristina Timofeeva


Kristina Timofeeva is the founder of Prive PMU Academie studio, a member of the International League of Masters, a participant of annual congresses and conferences all over the world and the author of her own techniques of permanent make-up application. She is also the absolute champion of Ukraine BROW PRO'16 and the winner of the international championship PMU'17 Israel. Her team emphasises on excellent service and long-term effectiveness of procedures.

Questions and answers

How long does permanent makeup last?

Thanks to high-quality materials and high qualification of our masters, permanent makeup lasts from one to two years. We recommend our clients to renew every 9-12 months.

I want to be very natural, so that it's not noticeable, is that possible?

Of course! Having familiarised with the works of our masters on Instagram, you can see that the concept of our studio is natural. We are in favour of naturalness?

How is the pigment selected?

For each client our masters select the pigment individually. Depending on the skin type, color type of the client and also on his preferences. One and the same pigment looks different on each person, so the initial appearance is also important.

Are the hairs colored during eyebrow permanent?

Permanent makeup is a skin work. Therefore, in permanent eyebrow makeup the hairs are not colored, we recommend to color them after complete healing of the skin.

Can permanent makeup visually enlarge the lips?

No, no, no, no! Permanente is about color, about saturation, but not volume? We help many girls and women to remove similar mistakes of other masters (tattoo behind the contour of the lips). Therefore, if you want to visually increase the lips is better to consult a cosmetologist.

Permanent Makeup at Prive PMU Academie

Women's beauty standards are changeable. However, at all times, naturalness and grooming have always been valued. Today, to look luxurious and natural, it is not necessary to use decorative cosmetics. Have a flawless appearance, regardless of time of day, weather, mood and free time, helps permanent makeup. Let yourself change a little for the better, make your appearance more expressive with the help of this modern beauty procedure!

You can have your lips permanent makeup or eyebrows powdered at Prive PMU Academie Studio. The masters will create the image you dreamed of. Thanks to their jewelry work and the use of quality pigments, the result will surpass all your expectations!

Permanent makeup ー is the best alternative to everyday makeup. It transforms every woman not only externally, but also internally, because nothing inspires more than your own flawless reflection in the mirror.

The procedure is performed with certified equipment and high quality pigments. Studio masters use a disposable modular system to introduce the pigment into the skin, the depth of penetration up to 1 mm. Permanent make-up lasts for 1-2 years, thanks to skilled craftsmen and quality materials, the pigment does not migrate to other unwanted shades, but simply goes to zero.

At Prive PMU Academie we not only transform girls, but also help everyone who wants to learn a new profession as a permanent makeup artist or improve their professional skills. By taking the author's permanent makeup courses at our academy, you will learn how to create this aesthetics of permanent makeup yourself.

Permanent Makeup in Dnepr: Features and Benefits

On average, a woman spends more than 90 hours a year applying makeup. It also takes a lot of money to replenish the cosmetic bag. Cosmetic tattooing can save you both time and money.

The benefits of having treatments at Prive PMU Academie:

  • Safety. We use only sterile instruments and only high-quality pigments. Thanks to this we can guarantee the absence of complications, allergic reactions and severe swelling.
  • Painlessness. The master uses micro needles in his work, which guarantees minimal damage to the skin. The procedure of permanent make-up is comfortable, thanks to the use of anesthesia in the process of work.
  • High speed of procedures. You will see your new reflection in the mirror in just 1-2 hours.

Permanent makeup will completely or partially replace decorative cosmetics, imitating its application. At the same time you will look even more spectacular and natural.

Перманентный татуаж бровей и губ а так же другие услуги Prive PMU Academie

Our Academy uses author and trendy techniques of permanent makeup, aesthetic permanent makeup, laser removal of low-quality tattoo, etc. Our specialists ー the best masters in Dnepr, the professionalism of which will tell you about the reviews and recommendations of satisfied customers.

At the studio, the following procedures are available:

  • Permanent makeup for eyebrows, lips, eyelids. Privé PMU Académie masters take into account each client's preferences and individual features. Thanks to permanent make-up you can emphasize your natural beauty and hide minor imperfections.
  • Aesthetic permanent makeup. Permanent make-up is famous not only for eyebrows, lips and eyelids, but also for areola micropigmentation and scar camouflaging. With aesthetic permant, it is possible to change the color and shape of areolas, including after surgical intervention, as well as to hide unwanted scars. Before making an appointment for the procedure, you need a face-to-face consultation with the doctor.
  • Laser tattoo removal. Unfortunately, not every tattoo can be qualitatively covered, sometimes it is necessary to remove it. Laser removal procedure is carried out by a high-precision device with minimal traumatization of the skin, we recommend removal is carried out once a month, the number depends on the depth and quality of pigment in the skin.
  • BB Glow. A new beauty treatment from South Korea. Micro-injections of foundation particles even out skin tone, improve its color, help hide pigmentation, freckles and minor imperfections.
  • Laminating. With the help of this service you can give the desired shape and volume to eyelashes and eyebrows, make them more expressive and well-groomed. Even by making permanent makeup, eyebrow lamination counts as extra care.

The cost of tattoo eyebrows in Dnepr and other services of our salon is presented in the price list. You can also get detailed advice about the procedures by contacting our manager.

Training permanent makeup in Dnepr

Prive PMU Academie conducts author's eyebrow architecture course for beginners and professionals. You will learn in practice modern techniques of permanent makeup, which will allow you to create aesthetic beauty, delight girls and women with flawless results, hiding minor flaws and emphasizing the advantages of their appearance. Satisfied clients ー is the best reward masters for all their labor and efforts.

The following programs are available:

  • Basic course on permanent makeup. An intensive 5-day course with an emphasis on hands-on training. During this time, you will learn pigmentology techniques for three areas: eyebrows, lips and eyelids.
  • Eyebrow Architecture. A 2-day course for eyebrow artists to learn modeling and coloring.
  • BROWS PRO. 3-day course on permanent eyebrow makeup in Dnepr. Includes theory and practice. Thanks to it you will learn how to create a sketch from scratch, master the technique of powder application and work off the acquired knowledge in practice.
  • TRICOPIGMENTAZIONE COURSE. Express course for masters of permanent makeup. In one day you will master a new direction, expanding the range of your services.
  • Areola micropigmentation. 2-day course with practical classes.
  • Laser ー remover. Learn effective overlapping schemes, learn how to work with machines, and improve your skills.
  • Advanced training of one zone. Individual course for masters who want to improve their skills and gain additional experience.

Upon completion of any course you receive a personal certificate of the studio. The cost of training includes consumables and models for practice.

Prive PMU Academie Studio was founded by Kristina Timofeeva, a titled master of permanent makeup and the author of modern methods of its application. Her team includes the best specialists of Ukraine, our clients receive perfect service and the same result.

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